Celebrity Shame – Why Do We Care?

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Most of us go through life without all too aware that we are going to have a slip-up or two that will provide us with a momentary period of shame and embarrassment. We are also well aware that those moments tend to pass quickly and are forgotten over time, until of course someone chooses to relive it for us. Even when that happens, the passage of time takes the sting out of the situation, making it something we can look back on and laugh at without feeling any of that original shame. Even the most embarrassing of moments will eventually slip into the past and be forgotten, but those same rules don’t seem to apply to celebrities.


This photo is copyright (c) 2013 and made available under wikimedia commons licenseIt seems as though we hold those folks to a much higher standard and are seemingly incapable or unwilling to cut them the same slack that we would everyone else. The slightest indiscretion or misstep perpetrated by a celebrity will end up on magazine covers and TV screens all over the world so that we may all point and laugh at their shame. It’s hard to feel sorry for someone that achieves fame and fortune by acting, singing, or playing a sport that they love, but does that really mean that we should lose our humanity and single them out for ridicule?


I don’t believe so, but it does make me wonder why the average person on the street is so fascinated by these big celebrities and the lives that they lead. It may be because they seem somehow larger than life, so that any mistakes they make in their life should be of equal size to their stardom. We have all, at one time or another, said something stupid in regards to a person’s appearance, skin color, sexual orientation, country of origin, as well as a host of other stuff, but a simple apology usually suffices. A celebrity caught doing the same thing is forced to apologize to the media, do a tour of late night and daytime talk shows to appease the masses, all of whom have said or done the exact same thing.


It’s hypocrisy of the highest level that we should be appalled at their behavior when we have all done the same thing. Celebrities aren’t the only one’s caught driving while they are drunk or captured in a picture cozying up to someone other than their spouse, yet we all seem to believe that their crime is far worse than ours because they are expected to be some sort of role model. Since when did being able to carry a tune make you someone that all kids should look up to as an authority on life?  Parent are too quick to allow those stars to adopt that role and even quicker still to decry them as rotten when they do something less than savory.


Take a quick look around and you will see that media empires have been built on the backs of fallen celebrities, with all of us eating it up and waiting for more. There are a ton of shows on TV that go out of their way to show celebrities in embarrassing positions and then wise crack on how ridiculous they look. There are also tabloid magazines and websites that do the same thing, setting up a celebrity buffet for us ordinary Joes to feast on, which we do all too willingly. It would appear that people love nothing more than building a pedestal for the next big celeb in hopes that they can turn around and knock them off of it at the very first opportunity.

This photo is copyright (c) 2013 and made available under wikimedia commons license

If you ask me, much of this vitriol comes from nothing more than pure jealousy. If we shine the light on the imperfections and mistakes of celebrities, then we will sit in the shadows where our own misdeeds may not be quite so visible. Just imagine how you would feel if your next embarrassing mistake was put in front of millions of folks who were then encouraged to point the finger and laugh. How would that make you feel? If the answer is on the negative side, then you might want to think about your own actions the next time a big celebrity is shown on TV or on a tabloid doing the exact same thing.



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