Can you believe this weird celebrity fear?

I have always thought that celebrities were a rather odd collection of people. I understand that the celebrity lifestyle means more money than you could probably ever spend, but you have to wonder about the cost that comes with attaining that lifestyle. On the one hand you have all the money you could ever wish for, but on the other you can’t really just walk down the street and spend some of it in your favorite shop. I have just assumed that anyone who craves that lifestyle may be more than just a little bit off.

My assumptions are often backed up by the crazy things that celebrities do. Yes, I know the tabloids are not the most fact based forms of media in the world, but I’m very much of the “where there’s smoke, there’s fire” mentality. Some of the stories in the papers are certainly ridiculous, but others have a definite hint of truth that cannot be denied. As crazy as some of that behavior may be, I feel that it pales in comparison to the celebrity that is deathly afraid to do the thing that makes them famous in the first place. You hear about singers that are terrified to set foot on stage, or actors that continually flub their lines because they are in awe of the other actor standing across from them ([intlink id=”1248″ type=”post”]How fear can inspire greatness[/intlink]). If it were me, I’d swallow those fears, make enough money to live on and then simply retire. Why keep putting yourself through those fears ([intlink id=”1211″ type=”post”]fears and phobias of Big Name Celebrities[/intlink])? Perhaps it’s vanity that makes them do it.

Most of us regular folk have real fears, such as bugs, snakes, enclosed spaces, and such, but we know those exist and try to do our best to avoid situations that might bring us face to face with that fear ([intlink id=”736″ type=”post”]top 10 most common fears and phobias[/intlink]). That’s a common sense approach that has worked well for me so far, so I think I might actually be able to walk away from a life of fortune and fame if it were constantly putting me in a state of abject terror.

As odd as it is to me that celebrities have those types of fears, it becomes stranger still when you hear one of them talk about a fear that is borderline ridiculous. A perfect example is Billy Bob Thornton who claims that he is deathly afraid of antique furniture. He says that he gets “creeped out” around it and that he has difficulty breathing. Perhaps the breathing issue may have something to do with the dust that may have collected on these older pieces? As if that were not strange enough, Mr. Thornton goes on to say that a friend thinks that maybe old Billy Bob was beaten to death by a piece of antique furniture in a past life. I’m not about to launch into a discussion about the possibility of past lives and reincarnation, but I will say that I think the whole concept of being afraid of furniture is just strange.

In the same way that people who fear sharks stay out of the water, perhaps Billy Bob should steer clear of cool old neighborhoods that have a number of different antiques shops lining the streets. He should consider just buying all his furniture from Ikea or some trendy furniture boutique in Hollywood that was probably opened to cater to just this sort of madness. I am really of the opinion that the egos of some of these celebrities are such that they just say and do crazy things so that they will get a few lines of press in some magazine or trade paper. Let’s face it, crazy press is better than no press at all, right?

Just as I try to avoid situations where I might run into something that scares me, I try to steer away from people that I consider to be a little off kilter in one way or another. That task becomes a whole lot easier when they make it known to the public that they might not be all there. With that in mind, if I ever think I might possibly run into Mr. Thornton during my travels, I will try my best to be in the vicinity of a television that is playing a marathon of “Antiques Roadshow” episodes.

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