Basic Elements Found In Crush Movies

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When Hollywood gets their hands on a crush or attraction story, they usually end up creating a movie that is psychologically disturbing on one level or another. You only have to watch “Fatal Attraction” to get a general idea of what writers, producers and directors believe what crushes and unrequited love can turn into when left in the hands of a maniac. While fatal Attraction may have served as a warning to those who felt like acting on their wandering eye, it didn’t really represent what crushes and attractions look like in the real world. It’s commonplace to develop a crush on someone, even when a band of gold is firmly wrapped around your finger, but very few people decide that it warrants behaving in an insane manner.

This photo is copyright (c) 2013 and made available under wikimedia commons licenseOne movie that does a great job of showing the effects of a crush in a more traditional setting can be seen in “Love Actually.” The movie revolves around a number of different personal stories, all of which somehow manage to intertwine and be somehow loosely connected. There are tales of true love, and love gone sour, not to mention forbidden crushes and attractions all woven into the fabric of the film. It’s equal parts funny, happy, and sad, and is a must watch over the holiday season. I’d recommend getting the person that you love, or may even the one you have a crush on, to sit down and watch it with you. Guys can even get into it. Even though it’s labeled as a romantic comedy, there is still plenty in there that men will like, although they may not necessarily admit to it.

There are three very distinct crush stories contained within the movie, with each a good bit different than the other. You have Hugh Grant, playing the part of the single British Prime Minister, falling for a lovely young assistant that works in his office. A scene that involves the visiting US President leads him to question his feeling for the woman, but we all know that love conquers all, although the way in which it does is probably unlike anything you have ever seen before in the movies.

Then there is the tragic tale of a young man who has an incredible crush on his best friend’s new bride. You are led to believe that he doesn’t really like the girl at all, but when we find out his true feeling for her, as well as his admiration for his best friend, you can really sense the torment that he must have been put through. There are a couple of fantastic scenes where all is revealed and he finally feels as though he can move on with his life, whilst also allowing the newlyweds to get on with theirs, too.

The third storyline that has a forbidden crush at the heart of it has to do with a long married couple who are somewhat going through the motions in their later years. The man is tempted by a young woman at work who makes it very clear that she would like their relationship to extend outside the office. Again, there are a couple of key scenes that deliver a real punch in this story, with one in particular destined to have even the hardest hearted soul reaching for the tissues.

The crush stories fall in between several others, with each one highlighting a very real issue that couples, both in and out of love, face every day. Watch the movie and I am sure that one of the stories contained within will have been something that you have either experienced or felt at one time in your life.

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