Ashlee Simpson’s Most Embarrassing Moment

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Every single one of us has had a moment where we wish the ground would just open up and swallow us whole. Embarrassing mistakes are just part of life, but the good news is that after that initial moment of shame, we can move on with our lives and forget about the mistake. The same cannot be said for celebrities when they, often literally, caught with their pants down. The day after a celebrity makes an embarrassing mistake, the newspapers come to life with headlines and pictures that detail exactly what went down. If mug shots are involved, those too will be put out there for all of us to see. Depending on how bad that embarrassing moment is, celebrities might be forced to endure days of jokes and taunts from late night talk show hosts, and ridicule from the public in general.

What usually comes next in the chain of events is a public apology, usually in the form of a statement issued by the publicist, which usually ends up with the story staying alive a few days longer. The whole embarrassing ordeal usually ends with the celebrity doing the rounds on all the talk shows to explain their side of events, at which point we all fall in love with them again before moving on to the next celeb who makes some sort of mistake while out and about.

This photo is copyright (c) 2013 and made available under wikimedia commons licenseThe perfect example of this happened a few years ago with the pop singer Ashlee Simpson, who many might argue has never really recovered from the embarrassing moment. Miss Simpson was scheduled to appear on Saturday Night Live, a late-night sketch comedy show that also features musical acts, where she would perform a couple of her songs. The first song went off without any hitch, but when it came time for the second one, she started “singing” while the music and vocals from another track played in the background. She loped off stage, obviously embarrassed, and the show went straight to commercial. The acts that appear on the show are expected to perform live, but the goof showed that Ashlee Simpson was in fact lip-syncing her tracks, leading to a major outcry from fans of the show.

The jokes started in earnest almost immediately, with the obligatory press release issued just as quickly. It was explained that Simpson had developed some sort of throat infection, but rather than cancel at the last moment, she asked the producers of the show of she could lip-sync, to which they apparently agreed. It seemed like a fair enough excuse, but the general public wasn’t really buying it. People watch the show to specifically see the acts perform live, and many felt that it was more to do with a lack of talent than any kind of throat issue that led to the incident.

The fallout of the embarrassing moment dragged on longer than most, and even spilled over into a later live performance. Ashlee was asked to perform at a major college football event, to which she agreed. The feeling was that by performing live she could get back in the good graces with fans, but the event never really went off as planned. She performed her song, only to be met by a resounding chorus of boos and jeers at the end of it. She looked horribly embarrassed on stage again, and while her publicist tried to write it off as more to do with her association with a rival college, the general consensus was that it was everything to do with the performance on Saturday Night Live.


Very little has been heard of her ever since, with her career never really recovering from that single embarrassing moment. It’s hard to believe that the punishment truly fits the “crime,” especially if it was a throat infection that caused the initial problem to arise.

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