Are you an adrenaline junkie?

The human body is a marvel of nature, designed to handle and perform different functions in our life. Perhaps the most complex organ in our body is our mind. It has been observed that during states of anxiety, fear or extreme stress, a powerful stimulating chemical called adrenaline is released from the brain. Adrenaline offers a boost of energy to our body as a reaction to the intense situation. Once the person is out of danger, the adrenaline levels in the body go back to normal since the additional adrenaline is absorbed by the body or eliminated.

Often the adrenaline rush is compared to the “high” that one gets from the effects of illegal drugs. Some people get addicted to the natural “high” they experience during such situations and soon develop a craving for the chemical. They become willing to go to extreme conditions in order to get the adrenals pumping in their system. These people are known as adrenaline junkies. Although the first images that come in our mind are those of crazy rock climbers or sky divers, adrenalin junkies may as well come in much more subtle forms such as the person sitting next to you that looks perfectly normal but needs adrenaline in order to feel fulfilled.

A typical adrenaline junkie is often connected with the world of extreme sports and participates in activities like bungee jumping, motocross or skydiving. These people deliberately look for dangerous situations, which include the possibility of severe injury or death, and in that way they provoke the desired feeling of adrenaline rush that they crave for. Whenever a base jumper or skydiver runs off the edge of a cliff or jumps out of an airplane, he triggers a rush of natural hormones and chemicals from the brain that give him a feeling of being completely alive and present in the moment. Adrenalin junkies are so used to the high level of adrenalin in their veins that many of them often remain in low spirits or depressed under normal life conditions. For some of them, there has to be some death-defying opportunity in their life to keep them going and make them feel live. Such people usually look for employment that involves a high level of risk. You will often find adrenaline junkies working as firefighters, soldiers, police officers, detectives etc. They love participating in dangerous assignments or volunteering for risky jobs so as to live their life to the fullest.


The family and friends of adrenaline junkies often live under [intlink id=”695″ type=”post”]fear[/intlink] and uncertainties about the safety of the latter. Therefore, it is usually difficult to maintain a normal relationship with them. Furthermore, others may find it difficult to adjust to the anarchic and edgy lifestyle of an adrenaline junkie and to follow their reckless lifestyle.

Identifying an adrenaline junkie can often be challenging and one should be sure before just pinning down the label on someone. There is nothing wrong to go for bungee jumping or jump out of a plane. Many people want to experience it and there is nothing wrong with leading an exciting life. But it is the persistent need to expose yourself to extreme situations that differentiates an adrenaline junkie from others. If you keep looking for excitement in your life the whole time, then you might be getting dependent on adrenaline.


Why we should avoid adrenaline addiction

Once the anxiety or the dangerous situation is over, the adrenaline rush wears off just like any other drug. However, the signs and symptoms of this addiction are not as apparent as in the case of drug addiction. Many adrenaline junkies live their life to the fullest and with no side effects. But the more they start depending on adrenaline in order to feel satisfaction, the more restless they become.  The need to be in danger the whole time so as to stimulate the brain and release adrenaline increases. Thus, they might end up getting involved in unnecessary fights or create drama in their life for no reason. As a result, their close family and friends often have problems communicating with them and accepting their reckless lifestyle.


How to keep adrenaline addiction out of your life

It is better to stop early, before getting deep into this type of addiction. In order to stop your adrenal glands from over working and being overactive, try to exercise and keep your mind busy. Get into some intense workout to keep your body and mind working. Avoid messing with your body clock and try to go to bed at the right times. Start some new hobbies such as gardening, music or reading and do all these things that you have been postponing because of your crave for adrenaline. Spend some time with your family and take interest in finding what your children are up to.  You will realize that life can be very exciting, even without adrenaline. Balance is the key.

Finally, remember that you do not need to be an adrenaline junkie to live your life to the fullest and that there are simple moments in life that can offer much more joy and satisfaction than fear or anxiety does.

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