Amazing Secrets About Dog Dreams

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Watching someone sleep can sometimes offer a little insight into the things they may be dreaming about while they slumber. There are those that talk in their sleep, while others will thrash and kick, alerting you to the fact that their dreams may be less than pleasant. The same information cannot be gathered by watching your dog have a nap. This is despite the fact that they too will display some of the same sleeping traits as a human being, with little yips and whimpers, as well as some full body twitches that make you wonder what could possibly be going through their minds.


The life of a dog is a lot less complex than that of a human, so we simply assume that they are dreaming of chasing the neighborhood cat, or perhaps chewing down on a yummy looking bone. These are things we will never ever know, unless of course some sort of Dr. Dolittle character can come along and gain some insight into what makes our favorite family pets act out while they sleep. The basic feeling is that dogs do in fact dream, and like us, they probably replay the events of the day in their minds as they do so.


What do the scientists say about dog dreams?

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There has been very little research done in the area of dog dreams, but researchers have used lab rats to get an idea of how the animal brain works when they sleep. The rats had their brain activity monitored during the day as they spent hour after hour negotiating mazes as part of the testing phase. The scientists continued to measure the brain activity while they slept and discovered that the exact same patterns that were seen as they went through the maze appeared at night during sleep. This led to the conclusion that the rats were in fact dreaming, and that they were likely rehashing the things that they did during the day when they were active.


The research that has been done on the sleep patterns of dogs revealed that they, like us, have several different stages of sleep. It is during the doggy equivalent of REM sleep, which is where we dream, that they were the most susceptible to the barks and actions that we think are so cute and funny when Rover is passed out after a hard day. It stands to reason that your dog is in fact having a dream of some kind, although, as mentioned earlier, what they are dreaming is something that we can only guess at.


Getting To The Bottom Of Your Dog’s Dreams

One clue to that, though, may be available if you are a pet owner that really pays attention to what your dog gets up to during the course of the day. For example, if you had taken him to an off-leash area and allowed him to run free, then that may explain why his paws make a walking motion while he sleeps. Perhaps he is dreaming of those wide open spaces from earlier and is trying to recapture the fun and excitement of the wind blowing through his hair as he ran.

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If you really want to get to the bottom of what he might be dreaming about, you might think about keeping an activity journal of sorts. Write down all of the things that your dog did during the day, just to see of any of the actions he performs while he sleeps match up with those activities. That is an awful lot of work, though; with the answer usually just being that the events of the day are being replayed in his mind. Besides, it’s much more fun just to guess or create a fun little story that you think he might be dreaming about.



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