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What is the target audience of REALITYPLEX?

Launched in 2011, REALITYPLEX is targeted to those who are interested in developing a better understanding of various issues that relate to their reality. The focus of the magazine is on the series of emotions, beliefs and experiences that make up the pages of an individual’s life and are in a constant state of being written.

Approximately 50% of our audience and pageviews come from the USA, 10% from the UK, 7% from Canada, 5% from Australia and the remaining from all over the world.

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What is the process for advertising?

Advertising on our magazine is self-service. Please provide us with your banner and we will manually review it. Once it is approved and found to be proper for our audience, you will be provided with a quote and directed to purchase the space of your preference on our webpage: sidebar, sponsored blog post or end post.


Are Affiliate links allowed?

Yes, please feel free to advertise your affiliate links on our webpages.


What type of products/services can I advertise?

You can advertise any types of products/services that would be relevant to our audience. Our readers love anything that has to do with self-development, emotions, experiences, beliefs and daily life issues.

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