5 Awkward Things To Ask A Guy

awkward questions to ask a guy

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There is no arguing that men and women are created differently in all manner of different ways. There are the obvious physical differences, but that tends to pale in comparison to the way in which the two genders think and communicate. Women tend to be open and easy to talk to, whereas guys can sit for hours on end without saying a word and be quite happy. If you were to ask the average male what one of his biggest pet peeves was, you would likely find that many don’t like to be put on the spot. There are just some questions that guys don’t like to be asked, and it’s usually the women who do the asking. Here is a list of 5 awkward questions that guys don’t really want to hear or answer, but which women continue to ask.


do you love me

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1) Do you love me?  – There is a popular misconception that guys fear commitment and will avoid the “L” word like the plague. This is not true, at least not for every guy, but they do like to keep declarations of love to themselves until they are absolutely certain they are indeed there. What women don’t understand is that pressing your guy to say it aloud may actually make him dig his feet in and refuse to for a little while longer. He may already be there, but will only reveal such things when he is good and ready, not when asked to do so.



do i look fat

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2) Do I look fat in this? – Every guy dreads the moment when his wife or girlfriend comes downstairs in a new outfit and asks that question. The only answer to give is no, but that can backfire once the female partner gets around other girls. They might tell her how the dress is a little less than flattering, which then means that the anger is turned back on the guy for not saying she did look a little oversized. We all know that if he had said yes in the first place, all hell would have broken loose.



what are you thinking

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3) What are you thinking about? – We have already ascertained that girls tend to talk more than guys. That not just a generalization either, as it has been scientifically shown that women, on average, speak thousands of more words per day than their male counterparts. What that means for guys is that quiet time can be hard to come by, and when they do get a moment of quiet, they are met with that question. This forces a guy to try and think of something, anything, rather than looking like and empty-headed dullard by replying with “nothing.”



is my friend pretty?

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4) Do you think my friend is pretty? – This is another question that a guy simply cannot answer correctly. If he says no, his significant other will pepper him with questions as to why he doesn’t like the girl when every other guy does. If, on the other hand, he says yes, that will then lead to a different line of questioning that usually ends up with asking whether or not he wants to sleep with the girl. It’s a question that should never be asked, but is one that comes up altogether too often.



mothe vs girlfriend

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5) You can only save one person. Who would it be: me or your mom? – It is often the hypothetical questions that are the most awkward. This one highlights a scenario where the guy is put in a position of only being able to save one person. In his heart, every guy would pick his mother in a moment, but often feels forced into telling his partner that she would be the one. The girl is basically asking her guy to lie, which is never a good precedent to set.







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