3 Ways In Which Your Mental Complex Affects Your Life

This photo is copyright (c) 2013 http://www.sxc.hu/profile/windchime and made available under royalty free license It would take a lot more space than I have here to list and document all of the different psychological complexes that people suffer from all over the world (for a comprehensive list of psychological complexes see [intlink id=”166″ type=”post”]list of psychological complexes[/intlink]). These can range from minor little issues that do little to affect the everyday life of the person, to full-blown fears and mental issues that can literally cripple someone, virtually making it impossible for them to leave their home. The vast majority of complexes usually fall somewhere in the middle of those extremes, but there can be no denying the effect that they can have on your life should you suffer from one or more of these complexes.

What is funny is that while most people look at complexes as being completely negative, they can in fact sometimes have a positive effect on your life. Before we take a look at how psychological complexes can affect your life, it’s important to understand how these come along in the first place. Simply put, all of your life experiences come together to lead you to a perception of life that changes the way in which you act. For example, having a fear with water as a child, which you may not even consciously remember, can lead to you becoming deathly afraid to get anywhere near water from that point forward. Complexes are sometimes hidden in the deepest recesses of the subconscious, which is why they can often be difficult to overcome.


This photo is copyright (c) 2013 http://www.sxc.hu/profile/mzacha and made available under royalty free license 1) There are certain types of psychological complexes, most commonly those that have to do with your physical appearance that can affect how you interact with others. If you have a real issue with your height or weight, it can lead to you have a real self-confidence and self-worth issue that can very much bleed through into your interactions with others. You begin to imagine that everyone sees you the way in which you see yourself, which is seldom, if ever, the case. There are people out there who will be very much attracted to you for both your appearance and your personality, but who you are likely to miss out on meeting because you simply feel they will find you hideous.


  This photo is copyright (c) 2013 http://www.sxc.hu/profile/bigevil600 and made available under royalty free license 2) Psychological complexes can also affect your professional life, but this is one area where your complex can be turned into a positive as well as a negative. You may have a fear of some kind that makes it difficult for you to move forward in your chosen profession. Again, this often comes back to a lack of self-worth and belief in yourself, oftentimes stemming from a lifetime of people telling you that you simply aren’t good enough. That type of behavior can lead you in a pair of different direction, with many people simply buckling under the weight of the negativity they have always had to deal with. There are also people who take that negativity and turn it into a positive. They will adopt an “I’ll show you” type of mentality that leads them to succeed in spite of what others tell them. Their goal becomes to succeed in spite of the people who have put them down their entire life.


This photo is copyright (c) 2013 http://www.sxc.hu/profile/trublueboy and made available under royalty free license

3) As mentioned earlier, psychological complexes often lead to your behaving in a way that is not what you would ordinarily do. This has the effect of making you lose touch with your true self, as the complex basically takes over and molds the person you are going to be. This usually only happens in the most extreme of cases, but it can still manifest itself from time to time in those people who have complexes that only apply to certain situations. You may behave in a way that is totally in character with who you really are, only to turn into someone else completely when confronted by what it is that makes up your complex. That behavior is accepted as part of your nature, but it is almost akin to a tumor in your body that simply doesn’t fit with the rest of your genetic make-up. It’s only when that tumor (complex) is removed from the equation that you are once again back to being your true self.



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