‘All Men of Action are Dreamers’ – James Huneker

all men of action are dreamers

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Being a dreamer and succeeding in life are strongly related with each other. Although all people dream, some people are full of dreams in life while some others spend their lives in routine and forget that there is so much beyond the mundane regime.


Among the dreamers there are a few charismatic and enigmatic individuals who constantly seek change and do not take the art of dreaming for granted. Dreams often project the unknown and the infrequent but in many cases it is not impossible to accomplish it, thus the dreamer has the opportunity to materialize his vision and to potentially achieve a revolution.


History is full of examples of men who dreamt and hence brought a change in the world. The most credible and famous examples from the world’s history are by far the various prophets that brought dawn upon the dark skies of evil. They also had a revelation in their dreams and although it initially appeared to be a daunting task, they made their dreams come true and set the human race free from a sinful era.


Moving forward in history, there is abundance of examples of men or women who dreamt a unique idea and drove mankind away from the Stone Ages and into the lifestyle of modern times.


Thomas Edison dream

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Thomas Alva Edison is a worth mentioning example. He was a businessman but he also became an American inventor because he dreamt of change and visualized doing something that had never been done before. Thus, he invented the light bulb that was later adjusted to satisfy the needs of mankind in many different ways.  He also invented the first motion picture camera. Centuries later the device was greatly modified and updated with the latest technologies to enable people to alter and edit pictures. The point is that no matter how much the device has changed until today, it was in fact Edison who dreamt the transition of the world from an era without the camera to an age of being able to store infinite amount of images in our computers.


Wilbur Wright dream

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Similarly, there are the Wright Brothers who had the dream that men would be able to fly high in the sky and reach destinations in less time than by car or train. And although it seemed like a far-fetched reality, they still pursued their dream and after a series of failures, they managed to find the answer to this mystery and this is how the first airplane was invented.


Other than scientific inventions, there are many significant examples from history of men who politically strived to make the world a better place. It was only a few who had the capability, but their competence and passion were both embedded in their ability to dream the undreamt.



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